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 Rules of the Site

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PostSubject: Rules of the Site   Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:27 pm

Rules for cva

There are 3 Rule Classes of rules in cva they are:
Class – 1 Minor Rules (these include)
1. Spamming: The posting of either an extremity short post or irrelevant post, in a Topic.
2. Necro-posting is not allowed. This means posting in a topic that has long since been dead or is no longer accurate.
3. Advertising is not allowed unless you are an affiliate of Cva. It is not allowed on our hams, forum, chat box, etc. Do not do it without permission or affiliation.
4. Do not double post, triple post, or so on. Bumping after a day or so may not get you in trouble but do not do it lightly or repeatedly
5. Posting with the intent of singling out an individual or group for offensive or demeaning remarks.
6. Undermining the Staff, people are appointed staff members for a reason, if they ask you to stop something or say no to something please respect their decision and leave the matter at that, if you wish to question them further send them a PM about the issue.
7. Mini-Moderating - There are moderators and Administrators in cva for a reason, let them do their jobs instead of trying to do it for them.

Breaking of any these rules once will simply involve an Admin or Moderator removing the post that contains the broken rule in it and giving the offender an unofficial warning. Repeated or intentional breaking of these rules will result in a official warning being given.

Class – 2 Medium Rules
1. Using offensive language or swearing to insult, demean or abuse someone.
2. Sexual, racial or general Harassment will not be tolerated in cva under any circumstances.
3. Do not post articles that are from other sites, these are other peoples articles, not your own, this is called plagiarism. Only post articles that you have written yourself.
4. Deliberately going out of you way to by-pass the censor on either the chat or a forum post.

Breaking of any of these rules will result in an immediate warning from a Moderator or Administrator. Excessive breaking of these rules at any given time can result in a more serious punishment.

Class – 3 Major Rules
1. Attempting to defame or hack cva
2. Hacking any cva member's account.
3. Introducing or attempting to introduce spam/phishing and/or malware websites or links into the academy.
4. Attempting to commit or committing credit card fraud.
5. Copyright infringement on any article on or from cva.
6. Posting Sexual and or pornographic content

Breaking any of these rules will result in a permanent Ban from cva, account, IP address and Email will be banned.

Special Rules

- Creating a clone or second account is not allowed on cva, you create one and one only, if you create a second account it will be deleted
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Rules of the Site
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